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ReVV 2010 | One Week Left!

ReVV 2010 | One Week Left! The ReVisioning Value 2010 conference (http://www.revisioningvalue.org/), organized by Portland-based Springboard Innovation, brings together the leading ideas and the most promising strategies of how new financial and organizational models are increasing the flow of needed capital to those who will use it to create a more just and sustainable world. The conference brings to Portland new voices from as far away as South Africa and as nearby as Seattle to share cutting edge strategies, ideas, programs, and tools for improving our world. It's a chance for newly connected fields such as finance, wealth management, nonprofit leadership, impact investing, social business, and philanthropy to come together as speakers and audience. Click here to view the Full Day Conference Program for the ReVisioning Value Conference | ReVV 2010 on April 26-27th.

ReVV 2010 | Conference Sessions

Social Business | A New Business Class

Measuring and Marketing Social and Environmental Value

Moving from "Fundable" to "Investable" | What it Means for Organizations at All Levels of Growth The Business of Good – Big Successes and Real Concerns Global Trends | Online Social Markets: Stocks, Gifts and Loans The Program Related Investment and Why It Matters: Giving and Getting Them Making Money Matter: Socially Responsible Finance The On-Ramp of Social and Environmental Innovation | How to Fill the Gaps (Seed Funding, Education, Diversity, Business Structures such as the L3C) Why Investing in Boldness Provides the Greatest Returns Building an Ecosystem for Social Innovation Both Sides Now: Being an Investment and an Investor in Social and Environmental Innovation

Bringing Human and Financial Capital to Social Change | Encore Innovation

Featured Keynote Speaker

Dan Pallotta

Though Dan Pallotta may be known for his hugely successful fundraising efforts for major causes such as fighting AIDS and breast cancer, recently he has raised eyebrows for his book "Uncharitable" where he takes aim at the limitations placed on charities. He opens our eyes to the double standard between traditional charities and business that we perhaps can no longer afford. His bold assertions about a dated charity model will generate the kind of questions we want to raise at the upcoming ReVV 2010 conference.

Click here to review the full ReVV 2010 Speaker Line-Up The one-day ReVV 2010 conference is followed by a day of hands-on workshops designed to help participants apply the ideas offered at the conference to their own organizations as well as create real tools and strategies as an outcome. Join us April 26 and 27, 2010, at the Gerding Theater in the Pearl District, Portland, Oregon. Only ONE WEEK LEFT to register! Reserve your spot today! http://www.eroi.com/servlet/com.gcm.servlet.event.EventRegisterForm?commodityID=41227&command=cp&supplierID=803

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$239.00 Admission for Full Day Conference Only

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Follow the Revisioning Value Conference on Twitter! @RevisioningValu ReVV 2010 is presented by Springboard Innovation, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals launch innovative, sustainable, community-led change. Want to invite a colleague to ReVV 2010? Email us and we'll send them an invite. Call 503.226.2377 to inquire about Sponsor and Exhibitor Information.

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