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Summer Leadership Opportunity for Youth

Are you ready to take the city by bike, bus, and streetcar? Learn how to design a neighborhood or a rainwater drainage system? Get your hands muddy in the morning and shake hands with the city’s leaders in the afternoon? Then check out www.catlin.edu/place for a unique summer opportunity.

PLACE stands for Planning and Leadership Across City Environments. Our unique program for high school students from across the region, run by Catlin Gabel School in partnership with the greater Portland community, focuses on how we relate to our urban environment through smart planning and effective leadership. During this dynamic, interdisciplinary, and experiential program, you will learn from the city’s best minds as they grapple with decisions that shape Portland’s future. During PLACE you and a talented group of students will meet with sustainability experts, urban designers, and city leaders and work on planning projects.

The program runs from July 5-30 and SCHOLARSHIPS are available. For more information, check out www.catlin.edu/place or email George Zaninovich at [email protected].