Executive Director

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organization:Lost Valley Educational Center
position summary:

This position is responsible for managing all the daily administrative operations of Lost Valley Educational Center, and for maintaining the organizational framework. These operations include Finance management, Human Resources management, Board of Directors support, Development, Housing Cooperative Planning, and Information Technology. The individual holding this position will be expected to be the “face” of the organization, representing it on an official level with the general public. S/he will need to be comfortable working with a variety of cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual and other diversity factors, have knowledge of intentional communities, permaculture education, fundraising, and personnel management.

Salary / Pay Rate:TBD
Required Skills and Abilities:* Ability to make and implement decisions in a timely manner * Strong time management skills * Outgoing personality who is approachable to other workers * Comfortable with a supportive management style that may involve assisting with tasks as well as assigning them * Strong computer and writing skills. Familiarity or proficiency with office machinery, word processing and spreadsheet and database software, Quickbooks, and HTML programming preferred * Experience creating and managing a budget strongly preferred * Track record of successful grant research and writing preferred
Qualifications:* Bachelors degree * 1-2 years experience working within a nonprofit organization, preferably in a leadership position * Knowledge of and experience in collaborative decision making procedures * Experience in employee management
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
website link:http://lostvalley.org/executive_director_posting