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Low cost technology available for nonprofits

Low cost technology available for nonprofits

In honor of Earth Day, recognizing the economy is still taking a big bite out of nonprofit’s stability, and because we are getting nonprofit requests outside of Lane County, NextStep <http://www.nextsteprecycling.org> <http://www.reuseradio.org> <http://repair2reuse.org> <http://www.reartfair.org> is extending our discounted computers ($99.00) to nonprofits in all of Oregon. Call our ReUse Store at 541-868-0904 or email our Store Manager at <[email protected]> to arrange purchase. We can do English or Spanish language installs.

We can ship (you pay cost of shipping), or you can pick up in Eugene, or, as I am attending grad school in Portland every three weeks until June, I would be willing to transport to Portland for orders of 5 or more machines for a small handing fee. These are great refurbished computers, Internet ready, with about $250.00 worth of software pre-installed. We are a Microsoft Authorized Community Refurbisher. These machines come with a 30 day warranty, and I will tell you we are seeing almost no returns on them (when we do it is generally virus related, not hardware related). This offer will be good until the end of May. If you are interested in setting up a lab, we an assist you with any hardware you might need to do so. We also have servers, and other technology available (household electronics, commercial class printers, and more).         

$99.00 Computer Hardware and software includes: Pentium IV Desktop Computer, CRT monitor, keyboard, mouse (we do have flat screen monitors you can purchase in addition to the $99.00 cost) 2.0 to 2.5 GHz 40 GB hard drive 512 MB RAM DVD and CDRW Software: Windows XP Pro Open Office Firefox Thunderbird Windows Security Essentials Windows Defender Gimp VLC Player Adobe Acrobat Reader CD Burner XP app Internet Explorer 8 Directx9 7zip Startup Control Panel Official Microsoft Digital Literacy E-Learning Course Computer Basics

All Microsoft Windows updates installed at date of refurbishment Warranty: 30 days from point of purchase (does not cover virus infections -please use and keep updated the Windows Security Essentials and Windows Defender installed on your new system!)

Who we are: NextStep offers job and social skills training to unemployed/underemployed/and those previously considered unemployable. Last year we offered job and social skills training to 768 individuals. In our attempts to level the educational playing field and to build digital literacy, we place technology grants with persons who experience disabilities, family members leaving domestically violent relationships, persons living in poverty, children and adults living in foster care, and migrant worker family members. We also place technology in partnership with national and international rural nonprofits. Donated electronics that are not refurbishable are recycled with Oregon DEQ approved pacific northwest processors. Last year we refurbished thousands of electronic devices, over 2000 computers and recycled over 2 million pounds of electronics waste.

Let us know is we can help support you. Respectfully, lorraine --

Lorraine Kerwood. Executive Director Reuse Alliance Oregon Chapter Coordinator desk: 541.686.2366 ext: 112 cell: 541.868.6017 fax: 541-686-0577 twitter: @LKerwood <http://twitter.com/LKerwood> web <http://nextsteprecycling.org> twitter: @NextStepReUse <http://twitter.com/NextStepReUse> facebook: Lorraine Kerwood <http://facebook.com/LorraineKerwood> facebook fan page <http://facebook.com/NextStepReUse>