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Career Connections is Recruiting Now!!!

Career Connections Professional Training and Internship Program

*Even in this economy, our training graduates are getting good jobs in customer service, administration, health care, business, non profit, and local government.

*This program is FREE and space is limited. Apply now!

Spring Training: May 24-June 25 MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-3PM

Recruitment is starting now! PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: • 17-24 years old & a resident of the City of Portland • Have a high school diploma or GED • Able to pass drug screening when applying for internships/jobs with partner companies • Meet our income qualifications (we serve low-income students; we’ll help you figure out if you qualify)

Start with a challenging five week professional training: • Opportunities to increase confidence, motivation, and hope • Networking with local professionals & exploring career options • Learning résumé writing and interview skills that will get you noticed • Identifying your strengths, skills, and passions • Become the most competitive job seeker in Portland

Followed by: access to exclusive internships and three years of career and college advising

Orientations are required to learn more about this unique opportunity!

Orientations: 10am on April 28, May 5, and May 12

APPLICATION PROCESS: 1) Email Lee Ann Lawrence, Career Connections Staff @ Open Meadow [email protected], to share your interests/goals and attach your resume with a current phone number. 2) You will get a call back to determine eligibility. 3) Schedule an Orientation for Wednesday, April 28, May 5, or May 12. 4) Complete two interviews for admission.

WHAT WE LOOK FOR IN APPLICANTS: • Excited about three years of intensive support and career planning with a career advisor • Committed to developing self and reaching goals • Motivated to work and excel in a professional setting and have a strong interest in exploring the professional work world & doing an internship • Able to identify personal strengths & growth areas, eager to build skills, and willing to accept feedback and be accountable • Able to maintain a positive, mature, and professional attitude & appearance • Committed to creating a stable & healthy personal life that supports success • Awareness that some criminal backgrounds (especially felonies) or credit problems may be a barrier to employment