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International Humanitarian Aid Workshop: Saturday, May 8th, Clackamas Community College

One-Day Introductory Workshop

This one-day course is designed to provide participants with a practical overview of the field of international humanitarian aid. Course attendees will learn about this exciting and rewarding field through case studies, interactive group exercises, discussions and lectures. The course covers: theories and concepts of relief work, standards, assessment and response techniques, and practical information about what it’s like to work as an international relief worker.

This workshop is designed for both college students and professionals from different backgrounds who are interested in pursuing temporary or permanent job opportunities in the field of international humanitarian aid or development work. This course will acquaint you with the field and advise you on the opportunities for short- and long-term employment.

Students will gain an understanding of how international aid is managed at all levels, from donors to the headquarters of UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Governments to the field operations. Students will then be able to determine whether they wish to pursue work in the field and what steps they will need to take to find a great job.

To register and learn more go to www.humanitarianresources.org