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Free Outdoor Water Conservation Workshop

Want more information about watering your lawn or garden in an environmentally friendly way? Community Energy Project is giving a free workshop on Watering to the Weather for Healthy Watersheds. Come learn how to be a part of protecting our local watersheds by reducing non-point source pollution with this informative class. Great for gardeners!

Learn how to:

Calibrate your drip system, soaker hoses, hose-end sprinklers, or automatic sprinkler systems to match your plants needs more accurately Water your lawn or garden based on weather patterns How actions in your back yard affects the local watershed

Qualified participants get a free kit of conservation materials! Includes soil probe, hose nozzle, rain gauges, bucket, flower seeds, and lots of information!

Saturday, May 1

Water to the Weather for Healthy Watersheds Workshop 10:30am-12:00n Rain or Shine 13126 NE Airport Way, Portland

Please call 503.284.6827 x109 to Register

Community Energy Project

422 NE Alberta St.

Portland, OR  97211

503.284.6827 ext. 106

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