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The Sauvie Island Center educates youth about food, farming and the land. We provide hands-on educational field trips for Portland elementary school students at our Sauvie Island location in Howell Territorial Park. Through our education programs, the Center seeks to increase the food, farm, and environmental literacy of the next generation. This year more than 800 children will participate in our program, with over half coming from Title 1 schools in North Portland.

Sauvie Island Center field trips take place on the Sauvie Island Organics Farm. During their full-day field trip, students cycle through four learning modules. Students learn about soil by digging through the compost piles on the farm and investigating the role of decomposition in building healthy soil. They learn about plants by taking a tour of the 16-acre farm and tasting examples of the six different plant parts. Students learn about wildlife and the food chain by exploring a forested area of the park where a number of species feed on each other. Finally, our trips also include a visit to the “Grow Lunch Garden” where children plant, tend, harvest and eat fresh vegetables from their own field.

The Center was recently awarded a capacity-building grant to allow us to reach the goals outlined in our five-year strategic plan. One of those goals is to increase the number of individual donors to our organization.

We are seeking a consultant to work with the Center’s Board of Directors to increase participation in summer events and to guide us through our first ever donor campaign in the late fall of 2010. We anticipate the project will take approximately 15-20 hours dedicated to planning with staff and a small Board committee, direct Board training, and post-campaign debrief and planning for the next year. The time frame for this project is late-May of 2010 to January of 2011.

To apply for this position, please send your resume, a brief letter, your hourly rate, and a few references by May 10th, 2010 to Anna Goldrich at [email protected]

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