Part Time Interpreter & Project Manager

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organization:Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
position summary:

The Interpreter and Project Manager is responsible for providing Spanish interpretation, leading intercultural/diversity seminars and trainings, and coordinating interpretation appointments.

SUMMARY: Among the many types of services performed by IRCO’s International Language Bank (ILB) the Interpreter & Project Manager will work in two major areas:

1. Interpretation (spoken) Services As an Interpreter Project Manager this position is responsible for both providing interpretation (English/Spanish) and assisting in the coordination of interpretation appointments. This position will manage all the steps of the client relationship from the initial client request, through project execution, to final invoicing.

2. Intercultural Seminars/ Diversity Trainings IRCO’s ILB designs and delivers to its clients (often governmental agencies, business, schools, and nonprofits) a range of tailor made intercultural and diversity presentations. These seminars/trainings range in topic and this position will be responsible for both being a trainer of them and manage all the steps of the client relationship from making client contacts, assuring the delivery of services invoicing.

The Interpreter & Project Manager will be a customer service oriented person who develops and fosters positive relationships with clients and vendors. This position works closely with IRCO ILB Manager and administration and fiscal staff to proactively engage in all aspects of problem solving. The Interpreter & Project Manager will work in a fast-paced, multicultural environment, and advances IRCO’s mission in the community. Some of the essential functions of this position include: • Attend and perform Spanish/English interpretation appointments. • Lead intercultural/diversity presentations. • Develop and maintain positive relationships with clients through regular contact via telephone, email correspondence, and in-person service calls. Consistently deliver high level customer service for ongoing projects. • Select interpretation contractors; assign appointments; track appointment progress and costs; manage in-progress issues that arise; ensure final client satisfaction with interpretation services. • Manage interpretation appointments with regard to client preference and linguistic quality. Manage multiple timelines; confirm details and location specifications with customers and interpreters; manage unit response to changes in customer requests and deadlines. • Perform quality control procedures to ensure all appointments meet and exceed client expectations. • Maintain organized records of work performed. Work closely with ILB Manager and staff to design new processes and streamline workflows to ensure optimal performance. Recruit and maintain linguistic resources. Perform clerical duties as necessary for accounting and project management purposes. • Answer phones and direct calls as appropriate. Greet walk-in customers, applicants and visitors. Convey information in a friendly, helpful manner. Receive and distribute faxes and phone messages. Call or email interpreters with appointment and general ILB reminders. • Maintain all departmental records. Type memos, correspondence and other materials in response to verbal requests or written instructions. Deliver messages, assignments and forms within the organization. • Enter data for translator and interpreter payroll. Maintain records of payments to contractors, employees and vendors. Complete payment vouchers for ILB monthly bills and submit to supervisor for approval. Assist ILB with invoicing. Send invoices to clients by mail, fax or email. Respond to billing inquiries and process credit card payments. Perform follow-up on past due invoices. Disburse petty cash funds as requested and maintain detailed records of same. Complete monthly reconciliation of disbursements; request additional funds as needed.

Salary / Pay Rate:$14,000 + Benefits
Required Skills and Abilities:KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED OF THE POSITION Knowledge: Knowledge of project management best practices and quality control processes. Knowledge of basic marketing concepts. Must be fluent in MS Excel, MS Word, and other similar office applications. Familiarity with MS Access, MS Project, or other project management/database applications is a plus. Familiarity with graphic layout programs such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and/or MS Publisher is a plus. Skills: Strong computer skills including proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office. Strong internet skills for file transmission, research, networking and marketing purposes. Strong skills in intercultural, interpersonal and organizational communication. Skill in the use of workflow management software and databases. Skill in prioritizing, multi-tasking and time management. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Strong problem-solving skills and conflict resolution. Must be goal oriented and experience in budget and resource management for multiple projects. Abilities: Proven ability to work with multi-cultural staff in a team setting. Proven ability to build positive customer relationships. Ability to delegate responsibility and refer questions and issues to staff as appropriate. Ability to effectively organize diverse projects and multiple tasks. Ability to effectively solve problems in response to technical, human, and logistical challenges. Ability to analyze situations and make appropriate decisions. Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality. Ability to effectively deal with irate and/or demanding customers. Ability to effectively communicate with individuals and groups both verbally and in writing. Ability to upgrade technical skills and keep up with technological advances. Must be able to utilize a personal computer system and analyze data in hard copy or on-screen. Must be able to use and also perform basic maintenance on office equipment, i.e. telephone, copy machine, fax machine. Must be able to sit/stand, walk and use computer terminals for long periods of time. Ability to work with a diverse group of people. Ability to multi-task effectively and efficiently with self-direction. Ability to think and communicate creatively and strategically. Ability to work under pressure, with energy and enthusiasm. Cultivate and foster strong client and vendor relationships. Ability to interpret and manage budget and program-related financial data. Must have great attention to detail. Ability to expand technical and linguistic knowledge set.
Qualifications:A significant combination of education and experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position. This would typically include: • Education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree in a related field (Spanish language, Intercultural/Communication Studies, Interpreter training and experience, basic computer education, and etc.) • One year experience working as an interpreter and/or in account or project management. Experience in the translation or interpretation industry is preferable. • Fluency in Spanish and experience with other foreign languages is a plus.
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer