Traveling Exhibit Software Technician

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organization:Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
position summary:

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is seeking two Traveling Exhibit Software Technicians. The essential duties & responsibilities will require driving OMSI vehicles and rental cars to various locations outside OMSI’s corporate headquarters. The essential duties and responsibilities basic requirements include coordinating the design, development and implementation of exhibit software, audio/video and multimedia exhibit applications, traveling to host sites to supervise installation and dismantling of OMSI’s exhibits, and coordinate with host site staff and installation crews to assist with the unloading, unpacking, installation, dismantling, packing and loading of exhibits, developing computer programs capable of interfacing with external input/output devices, developing and modify computer programs as required to support development of exhibits, document corrective and preventative maintenance records and make recommendations for upgrades, produce prototypes and items for finished exhibitry within constraints of exhibit timelines and budget. This position is a regular, full-time scheduled to work 40 hours per week and is non-exempt, paid hourly. The working conditions are 40% sitting, 40% standing, 20% lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling 100 Pounds.

To apply for this opening and be considered, please read all of the information below and follow the application instructions carefully. • Please complete an OMSI employment application. • If you are interested in more than one position, you must submit a separate application for each position. All materials submitted become the property of OMSI and will not be returned. • If you send an application without specifying an open position, it will not be considered and we will not retain it. • If you send a resume without completing an application for an open position, it will not be considered and we will not retain it. • You have the option to include a resume of your work experience and a cover letter with your completed application. • You must also meet ALL the basic requirements listed on our job postings.

Applications are available to download on the OMSI website at: You also have the option to fax, email, mail or drop off in person your completed application materials to: OMSI Attention: Human Resources 1945 SE Water Avenue Portland, OR 97214 OR Fax: 503.239.7818 or Email: [email protected] OMSI is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Salary / Pay Rate:$14.18 - $17.72/hour
Required Skills and Abilities:The basic requirements for knowledge/skills/abilities include, but not limited to ability to work well under pressure and provide great customer service even in adverse conditions, expertise with computer hardware/software interfacing, including serial port HW interfacing, expertise in computer graphics using major software (especially Adobe and CS4), expertise in media based computer programming (Flash), expertise on Windows and Linux operating systems, basic knowledge of exhibit fabrication, maintenance and repair techniques and materials, ability to install simple lighting, video and sound systems, ability to operate common machine tools to form and finish metal, plastics, wood and other materials, lift heavy objects, drive large trucks, and operate forklifts, scissors lifts, and other exhibit moving and warehouse equipment.
Qualifications:The basic requirements for education and work experience include previous experience with software and audio/video applications with museum exhibits and a minimum of 2 years related technical and customer service management experience. Additional basic requirements include a valid driver’s license, pre-employment and/or pre-duty checks, such as criminal background check, reference checks, passing Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check and Alcohol & Drug Test for non-CDL Drivers, including pre-duty drug test and passing the pre-duty internal safety training when operating forklifts, scissors lifts, and other exhibit moving and warehouse equipment requiring safety training.
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer