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Neighborhood Associations Training Coordinator LINKS Americorps Position

Position Title: Neighborhood Associations Training Coordinator (1 position)

Project Sponsor: Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (www.necoalition.org)

Position Summary: The Neighborhood Associations Training Coordinator will work with neighborhood program staff to improve and formalize the leadership development training system for the people who live and work in inner North and NE Portland, with a specific focus on Neighborhood Association Board Development. The training system will increase community members’ leadership skills through professional development and leadership training, and effectively engage them to affect change by advocating for their communities and helping to improve their neighborhoods.

Sponsoring Organization's Mission: To provide an organized citizens participation structure through which citizens can address community needs and maintain and enhance the livability of the inner North and Northeast neighborhoods, through civic engagement, information referral, education, public safety efforts, outreach and economic and community development.

Project Location: 4815 NE 7th Ave., Portland, OR 97211

Transportation Information: Close to bus lines #6, 8,and 72

Member Benefits Include: • Upon successful completion of a term of service, eligible members receive an education award of $1,800. The education award can be used to repay qualified student loans, for further education in an accredited institution of higher learning, vocational or for trade schools. The education award is taxed in the year that it is used. • Loan forbearance (after successful completion of a term of service, AmeriCorps will pay a portion of the accrued interest on qualified loans, which is taxable). • Mentorship from Staff • Support for attending one appropriate non-profit skill training session (of reasonable cost)

For complete description and instructions to apply, visit our website at www.necoalition.org. For more information contact Shoshana Cohen at 503-823-4570 and [email protected].