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Build Your Connections. Training & Development: May 14th

Presentations from growth industry leaders: Legacy Health Systems and Oregon Health Sciences University - facilitating your ability to build working relationships and create connections with employers interested in developing employment opportunities for the job seekers you serve.

Build Your Connections May 14th Workshop Includes: "Developing Working Partnerships" & "Growing What Works" How to build Connections with Employers including proven "what works" techniques for job development. How to adapt quickly to economic changes. Understand what the employer needs and how to present your client effectively to fill those needs.

Participate in the JDN Workforce Trainings to develop you expertise as an employment professional. Learn to perform more effectively so you can achieve better referrals/placements that lead to improved retention and career growth for the job seekers you serve.

Build Your Connections is the first in a series of workshops in which you will learn to: *Communicate and build relationships with employers *Match job seekers with companies *Prospect for promising job leads *Serve the "hard-to-serve" job seeker *Maximize your professional effectiveness

Space is limited - register today!

For more information and to register for this event visit: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/jdn-workforce-workshops

Fee includes breakfast and all workshop materials ... JDN Subscribers $25 for this event. Non-Subscribers $59 for this event. $99 for this event, includes one-year JDN subscription, $75 value -JDN Subscriber benefits visit: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/jdn-workforce-workshops

Serving the greater Portland area for over 11 years! Workshops presented by the Job Developers Network (JDN) Developing Opportunities - Building Connections America Works Best When Everybody Works - Join us in "Thinking Diversity" ... Community Connections Diversity Partnership: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/