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Architectural Heritage Center-Art opening and free admission to the galleries

Join us this Friday, May 7th 6-8pm.   

We will be hosting the opening reception for our May Artist of the Month, Connie Willmon, Architect and Photographer.  A light food and beverage reception will be held in the classroom gallery adjacent to the Artifact + Archives Exhibit.  Free and Open to the public.   This is also a rare occasion that admission to our historic preservation exhibits is free to non-members. 

  Currently on display:    Artifacts + Archives illustrates the essential connection between paper-based archival materials in our collections and the artifacts themselves.  This exhibit draws upon the Foundation’s ever-expanding artifacts and archives collections, with emphasis on items that have not been seen by the public, including photographs, architectural drawings, maps, personal papers, and rare books.    "Wonders in Wood" demonstrates that quite a bit of innovation went into using this natural material for a wide variety of wooden doorknobs, in every species available in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Some woods proved to be surprisingly durable and survive today in the many rare hardware elements displayed throughout this exhibit.   Location:  

Architectural Heritage Center 701 SE Grand Ave. Portland, OR 97214 503.231.7264

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