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TACS Workshop | Financial Management & Planning


BUDGETING & BUSINESS MODELS FOR SUSTAINABILITY Presenters: Kay Sohl, Nonprofit Consultant & Trainer


DATE: May 13, 2010

TIME: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

COST: $150.00 General Admission, $135.00 NAO Nonprofit Members

LOCATION: Ecotrust Conference Center; 721 NW 9th Avenue; Portland, Oregon 97209

Register now at: http://www.tacs.org/training/workshops/financial_management/budgeting_and_business_models_for_sustainability.



Ready to move beyond survival? We'll explore techniques that will help focus your budget and financial planning efforts, in order to increase your nonprofit's sustainability.


Master the tools you need to:


    * Design your annual budget format to clarify significant financial choices

    * Avoid misleading approaches to cost allocation

    * Understand the strengths and limitations of your current business models

    * Identify unused or underutilized capacities

    * Use modeling to test potential financial outcomes of new strategies

    * Prepare grant budgets to get the resources you need most



Don't miss this opportunity to prepare for your nonprofit's next budget process. Find out how you can help board and staff leaders evaluate your current business models and guide investment of limited resources to increase your nonprofit's capacity and sustain and enhance its most important work.


As founder and former executive director of TACS, workshop leader Kay Sohl has worked with thousands of the Northwest's nonprofits to develop budget and business strategies for sustainability. In her new training and consulting practice, Kay is working with nonprofits in every part of the country as they confront an economic roller coaster of rapid change.


Learn more or register at: http://www.tacs.org/training/workshops/financial_management/budgeting_and_business_models_for_sustainability.

Learn more about TACS at www.tacs.org.

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