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Sandra Bloom presenting The Sanctuary Model at PSU

The Sanctuary Model With Sandra Bloom, MD Thursday and Friday, May 13 and 14, 2010

The Sanctuary Model is an evidence-supported, trauma-informed methodology for creating or transforming an organizational culture so that it is better equipped to buffer staff, thus enabling them to deliver better quality services to their clients while keeping themselves both safe and effective. Consequently, the organizational culture is more effectively able to provide a cohesive context within which healing from psychological and social traumatic experience can be addressed. The Sanctuary Model is presently being applied to a number of settings: residential and acute care settings for children and adolescents; substance abuse programs for adults and children; schools; shelters for the homeless and survivors of domestic violence, and community-based and school-based social service organizations. This two-day seminar, given by the founder of Sanctuary, Dr. Sandra Bloom, will provide an introduction to the organizational “operating system” that is the Sanctuary Model.

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