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Oregon Music Hall of Fame Sponsors Aaron Meyer Music Education Assemblies in Oregon Schools Spring 2010

Research shows that students become highly involved with core academic curriculum when creative opportunities open for interpretation are made available. School Date Time City Grout Elementary March 31 1:15 pm PPS Sitton Elementary April 28 1:00 pm PPS Kelso Elementary April 30 10:00 am Kelso Mill Park Elementary May 4 1:30 pm David Douglas Metropolitan Learning Ctr May 5 10:40 am PPS Arleta Elementary May 5 1:00 pm PPS Capitol Hill Elementary May 6 1:00 pm PPS Mill Park Orchestra Wkshp May 11 2:30 pm David Douglas Jason Lee Elementary May 13 1:15 pm PPS Rosa Parks Elementary May 14 1:00 pm PPS Beavercreek Elementary May 17 12:45&1:30 Oregon City Faubion Elementary May 25 2:00 pm PPS Ockley Green Elementary May 27 2:00 pm PPS Woodmere Elementary May 28 1:30 pm PPS McKay Elementary June 9 1:00 pm Beaverton Terre Linda TBD Beaverton

Classical Crossover Music Education Assembly Assembly Presentation - a 40 minute all school assembly style presentation Aaron’s Mission: To provide young students with the introductory tools to engage in classical music, and to teach them how it can be integrated into contemporary, pop, and world music with a modern approach. The Classical Crossover Music Education Program is a 40-minute assembly-style program where classically-trained violinist Aaron Meyer demonstrates the connections and differences between Classical Music and his own original, modern music, using a traditional violin and a modern electric violin with digital studio effects. Meyer integrates music history into the presentation, and introduces the physical science properties that govern the acoustic violin and sound. A soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the age of 11 and a recent soloist with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Meyer's original music falls into the new "Classical Crossover" genre (now a recognized GRAMMY Award category). This program is interactive, educational, fun, and can help introduce Classical music to a new and young audience. Aaron has been conducting the following music education programs in schools around the United States and in International locations for over 10 years. www.aaronmeyer.com "My students can't stop talking about you. They practically attacked me when I walked in the door this morning!! They can't stop talking about the violin cake and the shape of your electric violin. They absolutely loved your visit!! Your musicianship is superb, and your presentation is paced just right for elementary without talking over the little ones' heads or talking down to the older ones. Nice work on the math and science promotion, too!" - Amber Schumacher, Lenox/Groner Music Specialist, Portland, Oregon www.omhof.org The Oregon Music Hall of Fame (OMHOF) is a non-profit organization created to help preserve Oregon's unique musical heritage. Our focus is to recognize and promote the legacy of exceptional Oregon musicians of the past, promote promising new Oregon musicians of today, and to enrich Oregon music education programs in order to train our musicians of tomorrow. Contact: [email protected]