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Earthen Hand Workshops 2010

Earthen Hand Workshops

Earthen Hand Workshops

"Solving the problems of providing decent living standards for everyone on earth can begin with simple, accessible solutions that everyone can learn and participate in."

2010 Workshop Schedule See www.earthenhand.com for details. The Village Building Convergence in Portland, Oregon------May 28th-June 6th Eco-Roof Workshop in Portland, Oregon-------------------------June 19th-20th Eco-Roof Workshop in Troutdale, Oregon------------------------June 26th-27th Earthbag & Cob Farm Stand in Troutdale, Oregon-------------July 10th-15th Earthen Paints at Portland Community College, Oregon----July 17th Cob Construction on Whidbey Island, Washington------------July 19th-22nd AND July 31st-August 1st Earthbag Farm House in Sequim, Washington-----------------July 24th-29th AND August 24th-29th Cob for All Ages at Woape on Mt. Hood, Oregon---------------September 18th-30th

To Register, Email us at: [email protected] Get a 10% discount for bringing a friend, OR groups of 4 or more get %20 off


Testimonials "I loved creating a structure by hand with our class. It was fun to get dirty and work hard with our amazing crew and teachers. We learned a specific method of natural building, but were also introduced to many ways of sculpting earthen materials and living in harmony with nature." - Skylark

"My experience building the sound dome with Scott in Thailand was more than transformational...I became more open to the miraculous ways our earth can be utilized. It made me feel more connected to my tribal nature and to the magic that happens when we work as a community with intention to manifest!" - Farren     Back to top  

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