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International Checklist for Effective Disaster Response now available pro bono

As a result of the support, experience and ideas of many around the world, we’re pleased that the “Checklist for Effective Disaster Response” is complete after two years of work by PhilanthropyNow and The Raqim Foundation.

The Checklist is available as a no cost, 3-page summary and a full 27-page PDF download with references and resource lists at:

http://www.philanthropynow.com/pn/effective_disaster_response.htm  and


This practical research based resource will assist users to:

To save and sustain lives while doing no harm at times when people in crisis need each others’ support

To prevent donor compassion fatigue and burnout

To connect givers with experienced partners on the ground, together supporting local community involvement

To enhance wise use of scarce human, financial and material resources

To enhance recipient self-sufficiency and sustainability

To promote positive high-impact social investing that produces measurable critical results

Users will be able to make better, quicker giving decisions about:

- When to give - What to give - How to give - Who to give with - Who to give to 

Input to Charles Maclean, co-author at [email protected], www.philanthropynow.com