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Employment Specialist Training | BUILD YOUR EMPLOYER CONNECTIONS

JDN Workforce Training & Development Workshop | Job Developers Certification


Presenters: Legacy Health Systems; Oregon Health Sciences University; Lynda VanDoran, Business Employment Specialist, Trainer; and multiple Organizations networking solutions for creating diverse employment opportunities.

Date: May 14, 2010

TIME: 8:30am-12:00noon; breakfast included

COST: $25 for current JDN Subscribers, Not a JDN Subscriber? $99 general admission includes one year JDN Subscription Benefits ($75 value) For more information on benefits and joining the JDN, visit: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/join-jdn

Location: Oregon Commission for the Blind; 535 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214

REGISTER NOW AT: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/jdn-workforce-workshops

Have you ever had your clients say, “There are just no jobs out there!” Show them there are great jobs and plenty of them to choose from!

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop an ongoing partnership with OHSU and Legacy Health Systems, these two employers really want to get to know and work with you. They understand today’s economy. They have jobs and are committed to diversity hiring for: >Full-time Jobs >Part-Time Jobs >Internships >On-the-job Training >Job Shadows >Entry Level and Advanced Jobs … just waiting for your clients! Both employers will answer your questions about how to develop partnerships with them that will get your client in the door!

JDN Build Your Connections includes the interactive workshop: “Grow What Works!” Learn innovative techniques for job development today’s economy demands: *Secrets that will help you build lasting connections with employers; *Tips to uncover job leads that have not been advertised; *Leverage techniques that paves the way for an interview; *Uncover valuable insights into your skills as an employment specialist; *Engage the “Flexible Skills Rule” in developing working partnerships with employers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER NOW VISIT: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/jdn-workforce-workshops

This event is not for job seekers. For a referral to an agency who can help you will your job search, visit the JDN Job Seeker Career Connection: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/join-as-a-job-seeker  

CONTACT: Laura Bock JDN Program Manager Job Developers Network (JDN) [email protected] 503.290.6466 WEBSITE: www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org  JDN BLOG: http://jobdevelopersnetwork.wordpress.com

What counts in life is what we do for others. A generous heart, kind speech, compassion and a life of service renew my spirit.

Putting People to work! Developing Opportunities with Workforce Professionals to Build Connections for Job Seekers and Employers … Put your JDN to work for you today!