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Calling All Performers and Community Engaged Residents of East Portland!

Are you a culturally based performer? A diverse citizen of Portland? Join us at the East Portland Expositions’ Multicultural Share Fair!

We are looking for persons to volunteer their time for small scale performances and educational activities relevant to cultural diversity for this two day, family fun and FREE event. Music, dance lessons, and artistic endeavors are highly encouraged!

While volunteers from all cultures and backgrounds are desired to help make this event full and inclusive we are especially looking for folks with knowledge of Eastern European culture. We are also looking for anyone who is adept at making the standard Native American dish, Fry Bread.

The event will be taking place on Saturday, July 17th and Sunday, July 18th. Performer’s and volunteers are wanted for either day, and those interested need only commit to one performance or activity on their day of choice. If interested, please contact Ashley Blake, Resident Services Coordinator for Northwest Housing Alternatives at [email protected]