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Intensive Vegetable Gardening Class with Oregon Tilth!

Get more out of your garden space!

The goal of intensive gardening is to harvest the most produce possible from a given space. Learn how to grow more in a small space in this practical class for the urban agriculturalist. Discover simple ways to maximize your garden through soil prep, succession sowing, companion planting, and vertical gardening methods. This is a great class for city dwellers that never seem to have enough garden space! Attend this hands-on class and take home some newly sown seeds for your garden.

Wednesday May 12th Class taught at Luscher Farm 125 Rosemont Road West Linn Oregon 97068 $35 or $31 for Lake Oswego residents & Tilth members

To register, visit the following link: http://tilth.org/events/oec-classes/intensive-vegetable-gardening