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Be on Board with Create Plenty

Create Plenty is recruiting board members to help strengthen our organization and grow to the next level of service to the community. Your interest in providing leadership, making connections in community and commitment to excellence will help forward the mission of Create Plenty locally and globally. We’re looking for individuals who are excited about building Create Plenty’s model as a social venture, building a more just and sustainable world by applying market-based strategies to solve problems.

We are seeking people with time and creative energy who can bring their specific skills and expertise in finance and budgeting, legal issues, environmental and engineering solutions, leadership development, outreach, project management, web and social networking, event and project planning, marketing, grant writing and membership development. Create Plenty needs board members who understand why it’s important to educate the community about the long and short-term effects of waste, to understand how our programs are working toward developing real change, and to invite others to participate and support the efforts.

Create Plenty is a non-profit organization raising awareness about single-use plastic packaging waste and, at the same time, developing visible examples of doing business without depending on disposability. These ideas are built on a foundation of knowledge about the resource intensive processes of both recycling and manufacturing alternatives-- like compostables-- to petroleum-based plastic. Although these are a part of the overall journey toward a solution, Create Plenty promotes the reuse of materials and reduction of resource use as the most efficient and education-oriented means toward environmental health.

Contact Cheryl Lohrmann at [email protected] for more information and to find out how to get involved.

Create Plenty. Creative Waste Awareness… Healthy, Local Solutions for All.