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Community Fishbowl Conversation-Despair and Personal Power in an Age of Corporate Control and Climate Crisis

June 8th, 6:30-9:30, St. Francis Dining Hall at SE 11th and SE Pine St., (Transition PDX sponsored by St. Francis Church)

Panel and Community Fishbowl Conversation with Paul Cienfuegos and Barbara Ford

“Despair and Personal Power in an Age of Corporate Rule and Climate Crisis”

A panel of community leaders will briefly present and frame a community fishbowl conversation.  There will be an exploration of the roadblocks on the road to collaborative community energy descent that may present themselves whether by corporate culture, our own mental models, or our community interactions.  A focus on transforming our feelings of despair, numbness, guilt etc. into an empowered positive approach to these roadblocks will be discussed.  Come join us for an inspiring and intriguing evening of community building and conversation!