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CRC Action Alert X2! TOMORROW!

*Join the Stop the CRC Coalition this Wednesday! Twice!*

/*Updated Schedule:*/

_*Meet*_ 8:00 am-ish @ the Expo Center (you can bike or take yellow line max )

_*Bring*_ yourself, your energy, & your words. And coffee/tea—if you like

_*Expect*_ fun street theatre outside, frustration & the same old policies inside

(the meeting will last until 5pm & is open to public—we are not asking folks to stay the whole time, but this beginning bit is important)

_*What*_ is this & *_Why_ *you should show? See Below**


_*Join us again*_ the same evening (Wed) @ 7pm for /*the only provided public input slot*/. Miserable (& unsurprising) as it is, this 'independent' panel waited until a couple days before the event to reveal their one & only public testimony opportunity. Like the CRC Project Sponsors' practice of holding meetings during the weekday, this will deny most people access to share their input.

_*We encourage*_ those interested & prepared to share their reasons for opposing the current plan for the CRC *AND THE UN-DEMOCRATIC PROCESS. * We must remind the Independent Panel of Experts & policy makers that */we are the experts /*in meeting our transportation needs now & to come.

Since most of us cannot accommodate our schedule to the whims of bureaucrats, if you can only make one of these two sessions, we encourage the morning demonstration & theater—but the evening could be invaluable also. If you are not able to testify Wednesday, we encourage you to leave your comments on the CRC Review Public Comments site--which are accessible both for the Review Board & the public.

_***Original Post***_ (with details on the "expert review panel" & our plans)

Last month the governors of Oregon and Washington appointed an eight member "expert review panel" to review the Columbia River Crossing Project.

Far from being independent this group was hand picked by those pushing the project and is closely tied to the Department of Transportation. The members have never seen a large road project they didn't like.

*This is nothing more than a **_rubber stamp panel_** - evidenced by their complete lack of attention to the arguments and questions of bridge opponents or those with alternatives.*

This panel meets for the first time on Wednesday and we need to be there to demonstrate that the people of this region are against the CRC. We demand a project that fits our values for livable communities, reliable and equitable transportation, clean air, reduced greenhouse gases and good public process. This rubber stamp panel continues a bad process that is designing a bad bridge.

*Join us Wednesday at 8:00 at the Portland Expo Center! * Look for us at the MAX station to direct you to the site of the meeting. We will be demonstrating outside of the meeting until 8:30 when we will go into to the meeting to have our voices heard. Come just for the morning or join us for the meeting as well and help us stop the CRC!*

www.stopthecrc.org *


Katelyn Hale

Civic Engagement Coordinator

AmeriCorps VISTA

Center for Career and Community Engagement

Lewis & Clark College

(503) 768-7762