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Livestock Project Assistant LINKS Americorps

The Livestock Program Assistant will support the planning, implementation, and on-going operations of a community-run livestock project, focusing on chickens with potential expansion to bees and worms, as a part of Village Gardens. Village Gardens is an urban agriculture project based in North Portland designed to bring a spirit of hope to the people within the community by growing and sharing healthy food, learning and teaching skills, and empowering community leadership. The Project Assistant will work with a team of community members from the St. Johns Woods, New Columbia and Tamaracks public housing communities, Food Works youth program, and other program staff to 1) create a business plan for the livestock project 2) create an implementation plan for the livestock project; 3) facilitate project planning and implementation of the project; and 4) manage on-going operations and continuation of the project.

The Project Assistant will promote resident leadership in all aspects of the planning and implementation of the project by supporting the Livestock Committee, Livestock Coordinator, and the Food Works Livestock Coordinator.

The Project Assistant position is a 300 hr (10-15hr a week) Links Americorp position.

Member Benefits Include: •Professional development and Training opportunities •Upon successful completion of a term of service, eligible members receive an education award of $1,000 The education award can be used to repay qualified student loans, for further education in an accredited institution of higher learning, vocational or for trade schools. The education award is taxed in the year that it is used. •Loan forbearance (after successful completion of a term of service, AmeriCorps will pay a portion of the accrued interest on qualified loans, which is taxable).

How to apply:

Email your résumé and cover letter to [email protected] and to [email protected]

Questions about the project? Contact: Jason Skipton, Community Programs Supervisor at 503-286-2099 or [email protected]