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Job posting for non-profit GreenMap Project Manager/Project Proposal Writer

Project Proposal Writer/ Project Manager for PDX Green Map Project

This Project Manager/ Proposal Writer (PMPW) will provide services to the Green Map Steering Committee, a coalition of volunteers representing several local agencies and organizations coming together to create a website, the Green Map (working title), with specific goals in mind. 

The ideal candidate will be able to manage the production of a comprehensive project proposal document that can be used to both raise awareness and funds for this project.  The project proposal document will speak to several different audiences and will need to exist both as an all text "white paper" and as a visually dynamic "designed document''.  Parts and pieces of both the white paper and the designed document will be used to fulfill grant submission requirements. 

The Green Map Steering Committee has started a project proposal document draft with some graphics, data and other elements already existing.  The PMPW can draw upon those existing pieces and should improve them.  The PMPW will also create new elements of the proposal as needed and will design the overall proposal ensuring that information is consistent, compelling and creates a positive "identity" for the Green Map project. 

Beginning immediately upon selection in early June, the PMPW will help set intermediate deadlines for different portions of the proposal production and all aspects will be complete by July 30th, 2010.  The person selected must be available to attend GreenMap Committee meetings held from 5:40 pm to 7:00 pm the first Wednesday of each month, and hold a series (3 minimum, 6 maximum) of evening work sessions where committee members are able to see periodic progress on the proposal and provide input.

The Green Map Project Manager position requirements:

•         Contract amount not to exceed $3,000.

•         Qualified to work in the US.  Non-citizen applicants must be authorized to work in the United States at time of application.

•         This is a contract position with no benefits, work on your own equipment.


Applicants must possess and explicitly address in a one-page cover letter with attached resume the following:

*   Two years of proven project management experience in sustainability, web design or non-profit program.*   Project Management Experience (ability to keep a "design by committee" process moving).*   Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

*   Ability, with proven experience in, preparing clear, concise, well-designed reports, correspondence and other documents appropriate to the audience.*   Proficient in MS Suite, including power point presentations, database software and Adobe InDesign or an equivalent print-media design software.

*   Knowledge and proven understanding of website development.*   Able to work independently.*   Available for weekday evening meetings.Process and Deadline *   E-mail applications:  One page cover letter with resume must be received at the e-mail address below no later than 4:30 pm Tuesday, May 25, 2010.  Faxed applications will not be accepted.

 *   Work samples and references will be required later in the selection process.Please send questions to:The Green Map Steering [email protected]

no phone calls please