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Still a few spots left in Toby Hemenway's weekend Permaculture Design Course (starts in June!)

Register now for Toby Hemenway's upcoming Permaculture Design Course!  Learn practical, cutting edge techniques with the world-renowned author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture.

The course will meet in Portland on the third weekend of the month from June through November (*note* the class was originally going to start in May). The curriculum is the full 72-hour certification course, with certification being offered through the Permaculture Institute USA, the US branch of the International Permaculture Institute. 

Toby will be the principal instructor and will be bringing in several more of the most senior and experienced permaculture instructors in the world, as well as local experts. The course will include a team design project to give hands-on experience in creating a design for a site.

Cost is $850; for more information email [email protected] or call Jenny at 503-548-8459.