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The Ecology of Leadership Adventure

Workshop Leader: James Stark 2-4pm @Central Venue $10-20

This workshop is an introduction to the Ecology of Leadership EOL program. The EOL adventure is a blend of inquiry and skill development, self-awareness, and deepened nature connection with the principles of systems thinking and permaculture. You will also discover what holds you back and develop new tools, routines, mindsets and skills to be more effective in manifesting what you see for yourself and your community.

When:Friday, May 28th from 2 - 4pm Where:St. David's Church of Wales at 2800 SE Harrison St. Portland, Oregon. Cost: $10 - 20

This workshop is a portion of The Village Building Convergence. For a full listing of events go to www.cityrepair.org and click on the link to download The Village Builder. Thanks!