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Neighborhood Play, Everyday!

Workshop Leader: Mike Lanza

Kids hardly play anymore in their neighborhoods, and they’re suffering because of this. This presentation will provide a detailed set of recommendations for how you can give your kids a life of neighborhood play: 1. Simplify Children’s Lives - to clear out time for neighborhood play; 2. Move to a Potential Playborhood; 3. Make a Neighborhood Hangout; 4. Embrace the Right Technologies that get kids socializing face-to-face and spending time outside.

Facilitate Self-Reliance, Don’t Control! Find out more at Playborhood.com!

When: Saturday May 29th from 2 - 4pm Where: St. David's Church of Wales at 2800 SE Harrison St. Portland, Oregon. Cost: $10 - 20

This workshop is a portion of The Village Building Convergence. For a full listing of events go to www.cityrepair.org and click on the link to download The Village Builder. Thanks!