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Introduction to Heart of Now

Workshop Leader: Kim Kirchbaum

Heart of Now is the practice of personal permaculture, learning to listen to and trust ourselves fully, being present in every moment with our mind and body, spirit and emotion. We’ll practice being present not only by ourselves, but while in community. This workshop is experiential, and as well as presence, we’ll explore our beliefs and how they can enhance or limit our connections. We’ll practice aligning our life with our vision. Using the seeds of our heartfelt desire to change the world

When: Sunday May 30th from 2 - 4pm Where: St. David's Church of Wales at 2800 SE Harrison St. Portland, Oregon. Cost: $10 - 20

This workshop is a portion of The Village Building Convergence. For a full listing of events go to www.cityrepair.org and click on the link to download The Village Builder. Thanks!