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Permaculture for Renters

With: Leonard Barett Wondering how you can participate in land-based solutions to social and environmental crisis, without owning property? Confused about where to start? For all of those folks who have thought or said “I want to practice Permaculture, but I don’t have any land,” Permaculture for Renters will provide a packed toolbox of strategies and methods that can be used anywhere: on balconies, while traveling, in tiny sideyards, indoors, on rooftops, and more! Leonard Barrett is a landscape designer, contractor, and educator based in Portland, OR. Through his firm, Barrett Ecological Services, he has collaborated on projects with some of the regions best and brightest in innovative design and planning, including Mark Lakeman (Communitecture), the City Repair Project, and the Springboard Social Innovation Forum.

When: Thursday June 3rd from 2 - 4pm Where: St. David's Church of Wales at 2800 SE Harrison St. Portland, Oregon. Cost: $10 - 20

This workshop is a portion of The Village Building Convergence. For a full listing of events go to www.cityrepair.org and click on the link to download The Village Builder. Thanks!