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Emotional Historians: Creativity & What Our Mark Looks Like

With: Jon Sands

Leave the dates and times to the history books. Our goal is the arduous task of explaining what it felt like to be alive in 2010. We are emotional historians. In this poetry workshop, we’ll excavate the value of creativity as a means of unfolding the world the way only our bodies can. We’ll explore tangible writing exercises to assist in discovery. Some poems are meant to unlock how your childhood birthed your adult life, and some to excavate why raspberries are that particular brand of delicious, or why comparing yourself to a garbage can (or a ’72 Cadillac, or a street lamp) makes absolute sense today. Bring a notebook, pen, and sense of adventure as we write to discover that it’s all the big stuff.

When: Friday, June 4th from 10am - 12pm Where: St. David's Church of Wales at 2800 SE Harrison St. Portland, Oregon. Cost: $10 - 20

This workshop is a portion of The Village Building Convergence. For a full listing of events go to www.cityrepair.org and click on the link to download The Village Builder. Thanks!