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Bikey Creative Way to Promote Your Cause (free!): Cirque du Cycling

Cirque du Cycling on June 12th is an all-day bike festival on Mississippi Avenue to support Albina Youth Opportunity School, an alternative school on Mississippi Ave.

We're gathering up freak bikes, art bikes, choppers, tall bikes, clubs, organizations and groups for a wild parade that will strut and roll down Mississippi.

YOU DON'T NEED TO BE AN OFFICIAL GROUP to posse up and join the parade!

* FREE *

GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR NON-PROFIT ORGS This parade is a great opportunity to get the word out about your organization or cause. Groups are welcome. Wear matching shirts, come up with a group theme, etc. Thousands of people will be watching from the sidelines. You are welcome to hand out information.

GET PARADE-Y WITH IT! Think floats, wild big-headed costumed people, marching bands and of the like! We want to see all that great parade-y action in the Cirque du Cycling parade!

Pull your friends along, build a platform, link bikes together, create outfits and get ready to get have some fun, two-wheeled style (unicycles allowed!).

MORE INFO For more info, see the website. http://www.CyclingCircus.com/parade.html

Hope to see you awesome organizations and creative bikers out there, Ayleen

-- Ayleen Crotty Good Sport Promotion | 971.221.7228 Coordinated Events | GoodSportPromotion.com

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