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Compassion & Release: A Conference for Prison Dharma Volunteers

June 4 through June 6, 2010

Portland Insight Meditation Center

6536 SE Duke

Portland, OR 97206

See www.portlandinsight.org for directions by bike, car & public transport

Featuring: Kevin Griffin, author of One Breath at a Time and A Burning Desire, and Kobai Scott Whitney, author of Sitting Inside and “The Upper Middle Way,”and Paul McIvor, a Toronto researcher studying prison Dharma volunteers

Co-Sponsored by the Northwest Dharma Association and Plum Mountain Buddhist Community

Friday, June 4 7PM to 9PM

Saturday, June 5 9AM to 6PM

Sunday, June 6 9AM to 1PM

Fee for the weekend: $85, including materials and lunches; scholarships available.

Register at the door, starting at 5PM on Friday

Northwest Dharma Association • 305 Harrison St, Seattle WA 98109 • Phone: 206-441-6811


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