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Urban Farming in PDX @ InFARMation (and Beer!) this Wednesday 6/9

Every urban farm in this state is as unique and different as the farmer(s) working it, but many of the common barriers they share are similar.  Urban farmers face most of the same issues as rural farmers in Oregon, and they face additionally an entirely different set of problems specific to farming in and among an urban population. Naomi Montacre, owner and proprietor with her husband Neil of Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, is in a good position to know what urban farmers have to face in Portland.  She will facilitate a panel of urban farmers at June's InFARMation (and Beer!) on Wednesday the 9th as a way to convey many of the urban farmers' experiences. Please join Friends of Family Farmers and a cross-section of our very own, MOST-local farmers at Roots on June 9th for a night of discussion and networking and delicious beverages and fun!  The event is always free and runs from 5:30-8:30pm, with speakers from 6:30-8pm.  Additional details and logistics can be found on our InFARMation (and Beer!) page here.-- Michele Knaus Friends of Family Farmers http://www.friendsoffamilyfarmers.org 503-841-0305