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Hot Tub re-opened! (Also...Music in the Bathhouse next Wednesday!)

Hot tub re-opened!  More Music in the Bathhouse coming up next week!

Common Ground Wellness Center

5010 NE 33 Ave.503-238-1065


Open Daily: 10 am - 11 pm

Community Hours:  10 am - 1 pm (Mon - Fri) * Pay for 1/2 hr *Stay for 1

Men Only Hours: Mon 7 pm - 11 pm

Women Only Hours: Tues 7 pm - 11 pm, Sat 10 am - 12 noon 

Reservations Recommended for soak/sauna and all practitioners!  Call 503-238-1065

Hot Tub is working again...Thank you for being patient with the semi-open state of CGWC in this past week.  Our hot water heater stopped working on Saturday and we were not able to get an assessment of the situation until after the holiday weekend.

We are now open at full strength and looking for support as this repair of replacing our hot water heater was not in our yearly budget.  We will be spending around $4000 to replace the hot water heater which does affect our other plans of improving the bathhouse (such as installing a cold plunge pool which looks like a project that is again on the back burner).

So, I will again reiterate that we are looking for your support in the form of a CGWC membership.  Please consider signing up as a member in the next few weeks and see the benefits listed below! CGWC needs your help to avoid tapping our financial reserves for the summer. Our goal is 40 new members to sign up in this next week.

$100 yearly membership includes the following benefits: CGWC Membership:- Discount prices for soak and sauna ($11/hr instead of $14/hr)- Free 2 for 1 passes for 1 hr soak/sauna (5 per year)- $10 off - 90 min massage (5 per year) - $5 off - 60 min massage (5 per year)- 5 Free Towel Rentals (reg $1 rental)

Directions: Click on link below (or the Gift Certificate link from our website), click on the "Services" button, find "CGWC Membership" in the drop-down list.https://cgwcorg.boomtime.com/lgift

We will have your membership card ready at the front desk... Please re-post and help support a community wellness center! Thank you so much!

Sincerely,Bob New, Development CoordinatorOn behalf of the CGWC Practitoners and Employees

Music in the Bathhouse,  Emily and Jobe - Latin harp and Guitar duo

Join us next week for the next installation of "Music in the Bathhouse"!

On Wed, June 9  (7:00-9:00pm), Emily Silver and Jobe will be playing as a Latin harp and guitar duo.  Emily has been helping to bring more music to the bathhouse this season and it will be a great treat to have a harp player filling the bathhouse with lovely music.  Professional harpist Emily Silver is well studied in classical, Latin American, folk, Christmas, popular tunes, and neo-modern music as well as does her own self-compositions. Please call to reserve your spot on Wednesday night.  Regular soak/sauna prices apply ($14/$11 per hour).  Call 503-238-1065.

Open rooms for new practitioners at the Flanders House--We are looking for new practitioners to rent rooms from CGWC at the Flanders House (2926 NE Flanders).  If you are a licensed practitioner and have been working in your main modality for at least 1 1/2 years, please contact us!  Possible skills we are looking to add to the CGWC community include: - rolfing - Feldenkrais - hydrotherapy - chiropractic - shamanic work - shiatsu - hypnotherapy--Room prices range from $300 to $500 (or less if you are looking to share rooms).  Please contact Bob New for more details on size of rooms and availability. We would love for you to join us!  Please respond to this email with your information, work history and why you would like to join the CGWC community.

Common Ground Wellness Center | 5010 NE 33rd Ave | Portland | OR | 97211