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Great donation engine resource: Givezooks

Dear cnrg-ers:

I work as the development associate at St. Andrew Legal Clinic, and wanted to share a resource as a very happy customer (who is also hoping to cash in on a great incentive!).

For anyone considering an online donation engine, let me introduce you to Givezooks!

Givezooks offers social fundraising for nonprofits, connecting individuals and organizations online to increase charitable giving. St. Andrew Legal Clinic chose givezooks when our biggest fundraiser (the Race for Justice, June 19th! Check it out at http://salc.givezooks.com) became too big to manage internally and we wanted a system where individuals and teams could create their own pages for pledgeraising.

I could not be happier with the decision we made. The social networking aspect has helped us spread our reach where our website could not. The system is exactly what we were looking for, and the support is very responsive and attentive. The structure of the system is sound, but customizable to any nonprofit’s needs. 

Givezooks takes a 2% cut for each donation. For comparison, the top online fundraising vendor site, FirstGiving, takes a 7.5% cut of every donation. For us, the structure of the Givezooks system—asking every attendee if they would like to make an additional donation—has surprisingly made up for the monthly fee and 2% cut already.

This summer, givezooks is offering a referral credit and I would LOVE it if you used this link when signing up! http://www.givezooks.com/registered_nonprofits/plan_selection?invite=salcgroup. I think it is a great resource and have been meaning to share it for some time now, but the $100 incentive pushed me over the edge :)

If you haven’t seen this, check out this independent comparison of online donation engines at http://www.affinityresources.com/pgs/awz55Online2.shtml . This list does not include givezooks, but I thought I’d give out a non-self-interested resource. If you do the research, I think you will see that Givezooks is the way to go.


Courtney Rose Dunleavy

Development Associate

St. Andrew Legal Clinic

503-281-1500 ext. 21

[email protected]  

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