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Community Discussion 'Despair and Personal Power in an Age of Climate Crisis and Corporate Control'

Panel + Community Fishbowl Conversation with Paul Cienfuegos, Barbara Ford + you!“Despair and Personal Power in an Age of Corporate Rule and Climate Crisis”June 8th, 6:30-9:30, St. Francis Church Dining Hall, SE 11th and SE Pine St., (Transition PDX is sponsored in part by St. Francis Church)

Paul and Barbara will briefly present and frame a community fishbowl conversation on the topic of despair and personal power in an age of corporate rule and climate crisis.  There will be an exploration of the roadblocks to collaborative community energy descent that may present themselves whether by corporate culture, our feelings of helplessness, our own mental models, or our community interactions.  There will also be a focus on transforming our feelings of despair, numbness, guilt etc. about the state of the world into an empowered positive sense of reconnection and action within it. Following their presentation there will be two or more hours in which the community has a chance to participate in a fishbowl style conversation.   Please attend if you feel deeply about the state of the world today and want a space in which to collaboratively explore our feelings and explore our role and place within this time of uncertainty.  Paul and Barbara have both been trained in Joanna Macy’s work and this conversation will thread off of that knowledge as well as Paul's work around the 'colonized mind'.  To find out more about Joanna see: www.joannamacy.net, for Paul see: www.paulcienfuegos.com, for Barbara see: www.gaiaworkshops.net.  The conversation will be moderated by Todd Sloan, an organizer with Transition PDX’s Heart and Soul group.  The evening was organized by Zeratha Young, a hub member of Transition PDX and an organizer with the Heart and Soul group.