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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – Housing Rehab Support Specialist

Unlimited Choices® JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – Housing Rehab Support Specialist Word \ UCI Job Description \Rehab Support Specialist

Title: Housing Rehab Support Specialist

Closing Date: June 25, 2010

Reports To: Administrator

Salary Range: $25,000 - $35,000 FTE: 1.0 (40 hours per week)

Work Week: Monday - Friday

Exempt/Non-Exempt: Exempt

Supervisory Responsibilities: None

Agency Mission: Unlimited Choices® is a community based, private, non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide housing rehabilitation services with the following goals:

• Remove barriers and make affordable housing accessible for low-income people with physical disabilities

• Provide critical home repair to low-income homeowners

• Provide housing rehabilitation services on a contractual basis to organizations and individuals

• Offer EPA certified lead safety trainings to individuals involved in the housing industry

General Summary: This full time position with our unique, human services focused, mission driven agency requires the abilities and skills necessary for working in an office environment, including:

• Providing administrative support to staff and Board of Directors

• Maintaining client records and systems with accurate attention to detail

• Performing in a self-directed capacity, as a project driven team member with strong decision making and multi-task abilities

• Functioning effectively with minimal direction and supervision.

• Working effectively with clients and the general public.

• Bilingual Spanish ( conversational, with some written ability acceptable)

Contacts: Executive staff, Board of Directors, clients, State and local social services agencies, contractors and vendors.

Major Responsibilities and Primary Functions: Responsibilities Description Work directly with Administrator to facilitate the continuity of daily operations Including but not limited to: file management, data entry in MS Access database, maintaining organizational systems, office supplies and associated records. Assist consumers, the public, clients and all external contacts Includes but not limited to: extensive telephone work, including intakes and scheduling. Will receive initial phone, written or faxed requests, assess needs appropriately, resolve issues if possible or route issue to the appropriate staff. Provide crisis management, information and referral and general program and agency information. May need to use creativity, independent judgment or action to analyze and resolve problems. Maintain resources and referral manual, organizational systems and necessary databases Includes but not limited to: update resource and referral information in an accessible organizational system, maintain policies and procedures manuals, maintain filing and record keeping systems, maintain other materials and systems as necessary.

Off-site meetings and errands Includes but not limited to: attending miscellaneous meetings, Unlimited Choices® JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – Housing Rehab Support Specialist Word \ UCI Job

Description \Rehab Support Specialist

Page 2 of 2 Updated: 06/14/10 Responsibilities Description dropping off and / or picking up of supplies and materials. Other Miscellaneous office procedures as assigned.

Required Skills:

• Excellent written and verbal English language communication skills

• Excellent telephone skills

• Team player, self-manager, flexible and able to multi-task

• Strong interpersonal skills, ability to handle crisis and difficult clients, excellent problem solving skills

• Advanced keyboarding (50 wpm), PC computer experience (preferably MS Office 2003, MS Access 2003 and Windows XP)

• Able to maintain program and client confidentiality at all times, sensitivity to disabled citizens and low-income clientele, able to provide assistance and set boundaries.

• Manage and organize daily work flow efficiently and effectively

• Able to perform repetitive hand and wrist motions, and manipulate or lift 20 pounds Education and / or Experience:

• Bilingual in Spanish preferred (conversational Spanish with some written ability acceptable) • Associate degree or equivalent specializing in business/office systems and management. 2 – 4 years experience working in a business environment and in working with the public.

• Strong computer skills.

• Experience in non-profit settings preferred; understanding of government and social service systems and knowledge of housing and disabled citizen issues preferred.

• Required to have and show evidence of a valid driver’s license and auto insurance in accordance with agency liability. Performance Expectations: Maintain appropriate attendance, professional appearance and performance. Complete daily assigned duties in a timely manner. Communicate effectively with all team members. Bring process improvement suggestions to staff or discussion. Maintain program, staff and client confidentiality at all times. Benefits:

• Medical and Dental Insurance

• 401K

• Vacation and Sick Leave accrual.

Please submit your resume to Unlimited Choices® Email: [email protected]  Fax: (503) 234-9980 USPS: 211 SE 80th Avenue, Portland, OR 97215 --

Sharon Hasenjaeger Assistant Director Institute for Nonprofit Management Portland State University Tel: (503) 725-8221 Fax: (503) 725-8045 [email protected] www.inpm.pdx.edu  for information on INPM’s nonprofit courses and events