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Morrison Child and Family Services

Morrison Child and Family Services provides a comprehensive range of mental health, substance abuse, juvenile justice, and prevention services.

Nonprofit Type: Human Services

Region(s) Covered: Oregon

Contact Information

website link:www.morrisonkids.org
address:9911 Mt. Scott Blvd.
Portland, OR  97266
principal contact:Juliet Hyams
email:[email protected]
contact note:M-F, 9-4 p.m.


We partner with families and communities to provide effective and responsive services for children and youth coping with adversity and trauma.


Morrison Child and Family Services provides outstanding comprehensive, integrated services and builds and partners in dynamic networks that strengthen our community’s children and families.


We specialize in serving severely traumatized children from birth through age 18, and their families. Some have been the victims of abuse, neglect and domestic violence. Many have been referred to us by the state or county, through judicial channels or by other treatment organizations. A significant number have been removed from the care of their birth parents. Clients of Morrison Child and Family Services have the right to fair and equitable treatment including the right to receive services in a non-discriminatory manner.