Communications Intern/Volunteer Position

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organization:Oregon School-Based Health Care Network
position summary:

Position Title: Communications Intern (1 position) Organization Sponsoring Project: Oregon School-Based Health Care Network (OSBHCN) Project Location: Portland OR Timeframe: July19th- October 15th, up to 10 hours/ week. Position Summary: OSBHCN seeks a Communications Intern or Volunteer to gather, organize and produce the content for three publications. 1. School Based Health Care’s 25th Anniversary Awards publication. This is a one-time, documentary / promotional publication with engaging, story-telling style. It will be used for diverse purposes, ranging from annual reports to celebratory events. The Intern will work with the OSBHCN staff, the awards nomination committee and a Graphic Arts Intern to gather the award nominee’s stories and construct a visually appealing layout of the information. 2. OSBHCN Annual Conference Program. The Intern will produce a Conference Program for the October 8, 2010 statewide conference. This Program will highlight conference sessions, sponsors and information for the associations’ business meeting. Previous formatting may be used for this project, or a new design is acceptable. 3. Kellogg Foundation Capstone Report. The Intern will help with the layout and presentation of a document that entails the work over six years of the grant. The content will be produced by OSBHCN staff.

Intern/ Volunteers will be expected to work primarily remotely using their own equipment, with face-to-face meetings when necessary.

Salary / Pay Rate:Volunteer Position
Required Skills and Abilities:General Responsibilities (to include, but not limited to): 1. Work with OSBHCN staff and Awards Nominating Committee to collect and record stories of significant service in the field of School Based Health Centers in Oregon from the last 25 years. 2. Work with OSBHCN staff to collect and edit the content for the conference program. 3. Work with OSBHCN staff to collect and edit the content for the grant report capstone. 4. Assist the Graphic Arts Intern in the design and layout of all the collected materials (stories, photos, conference program, grant capstone, etc.) for each of the 3 publications. 5. Coordinate with the Graphic Arts Intern on the printing process for these publications. 6. Create and distribute press releases on an as-needed basis. Requirements: 1. Previous communications and copyright experience. 2. Regular and reliable attendance as scheduled.
Qualifications:Preferred Qualifications: 1. We are looking for a dedicated self-starter with good people, writing and multi-media skills to fill this position. 2. An interest in health care, community, education, and advocacy strongly preferred. 3. Previous skills and experience working with desktop publishing software a plus. To Apply: • Email resume and letter of interest to: [email protected]
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer