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"I Have A Dream" Foundation Oregon

Preparing Oregon children for successful citizenship through education.

Nonprofit Type: Youth

Region(s) Covered: Multnomah County

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principal contact:chris williams
email:[email protected]
phone:(503) 287-7203
contact note:Monday-Friday 8am-3pm


The “I Have A Dream” Foundation empowers children in low-income communities to achieve higher education by providing them with guaranteed tuition support and equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and habits they need to gain entry to higher education and succeed in college and beyond.


Once a Dreamer always a Dreamer


Education is the engine for opportunity and the cornerstone of our democratic system of government. Yet in some areas of our community fewer than half of the children in a third grade class will complete high school. The implications of this extraordinary dropout rate include loss of income, hope and individual contributions to community life. This human tragedy impacts not only the children fighting for survival; it drains our community’s vibrancy and financial resources.

* The Oregon chapter was founded in 1990 by Leonard Girard, Pam Jacklin, & Ken Lewis.
* We have adopted 10 classes, serving more than 900 students.
* We have four active programs for school age children, and are supporting student Dreamers in colleges and universities throughout the country.
* We currently have 300 Dreamers in 5th-12th grades.
* We continue to serve alumni Dreamers and encourage them to remain involved in Dreamer programs.