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Nonprofit Type: Youth

Region(s) Covered: Multnomah County

Contact Information

website link:pearmentor.org
address:338 NW 6th Ave
338 NW 6th Ave
Portland , OR  97209
principal contact:Rodolfo Serna
email:[email protected]
phone:503 380-4439


As overwhelming as all these challenges may sound, we believe that each of these young people has enormous potential. They have interesting stories to tell, beautiful pictures to paint; they have something meaningful to say, they have love and kindness to share. p:ear believes these kids have a future. And we believe this even though these amazing young people may have been told otherwise-either in word or in deed. Though their physical needs are pressing, we believe that addressing their emotional health and well-being is an essential first step for combating destructive feelings of isolation and low self-esteem and is instrumental in changing harmful lifestyles, ultimately giving these young people the tools and confidence to transition off the streets. We regard youth homelessness as a critical human rights issue that cannot be addressed solely through government programs and large social service agencies. We as a community desperately need to mobilize and support a variety of innovative approaches to deal with this complex problem. p:ear's programs present one such vehicle for change.


creatively mentoring homeless youth