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Become a member of the Northwest Volunteer Administrator's Association (NOVAA)

Join NOVAA or renew your membership for the 2010-2011 year!


TO JOIN: If you would like to join through our online registration system, using paypal and pay by credit card, please visit: http://www.novaa.org/membership.php. If you need to pay by check, you may download the NOVAA membership registration form available at http://www.novaa.org/docs/NOVAA_Membership_Registration_Form%5B1%5D.pdf.

Complete the form, enclose payment made to NOVAA, and mail to: NOVAA, PO Box 8536, Portland OR 97207.




Current members that renew or new members that join before July 31, 2010 will be entered into a drawing to win a $15.00 Powell's gift card (paper registrations must be received on or before July 31 to be eligible). The drawing will take place during the August member meeting!




In addition, we are awarding three $15.00 Powell's gift cards to current members that refer a new member to NOVAA (someone that has not been a member in the past 12 months)! Encourage your co-workers and colleagues at other organizations to join NOVAA! Here's how it works: Have the new member write your name on their paper application or send an email to [email protected] (if they register online) saying that you referred them. Their registration form or email saying that you referred them must be received by July 31, 2010.




HOW YOU BENEFIT FROM NOVAA MEMBERSHIP: As a NOVAA member, you have instant access to others in the volunteer management field who understand and appreciate the unique challenges and joys inherent in our profession. NOVAA helps us learn together, gain perspective, brainstorm, vent, and foster collaboration within the volunteer management community.




Specifically, NOVAA allows us to: (from Energize, Inc.)




Define ourselves as a profession (and career), rather than simply as a job




See our work in the large context




Support volunteerism in a community in ways that would not be possible through an individual program




Encourage exchange of ideas, skills, and techniques among members and thereby raise the competencies of volunteer administration practitioners




Share resources and attract more volunteers




Provide a safe "umbrella" within which we can take a stand on issues that matter to us Use the clout that comes from collective action




Have an impact on other professions that intersect with our work




OPPORTUNITY: Non-NOVAA members may also attend two program meetings before deciding to join NOVAA. So feel free to come check us out at our July 15th meeting on Virtual Volunteering. Program meetings are held at the Trinity Episcopal Church (at 147 NW 19th Ave. in Portland) from 12-1:30pm on the third Thursday of each month.




We hope to see your renewals soon and thank you in advance for investing in your professional development!