Researcher / Research Coordinator

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organization:Upstream Public Health
position summary:

The Research Coordinator will be responsible for conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on the 2011 Farm to School and School Garden legislation in Oregon. The Coordinator will: (1) Conduct an analysis of the health impacts of the legislation based on expert guidelines on HIAs and input from a technical advisory committee; (2) Facilitate meetings of a technical advisory committee that consists of national food and HIA experts, and coordinate a process for incorporating community input into the analysis; (3) Write up the HIA analysis into a final report, and disseminate to the Oregon legislature and other stakeholders.

Salary / Pay Rate:$40,000 to $48,000 annual salary with health benefits for a 9-month duration. There is potential for securing additional research grants to extend the position indefinitely.
Required Skills and Abilities:Upstream advocates for policy solutions that improve the health of Oregonians. We develop and advocate for policies that reduce the burden of smoking, improve the quality of school foods, increase access to nutrition information and provide healthier and more sustainable transportation options for Oregonians. For more information, see our website: Upstream has experience coordinating and advising HIAs, including an analysis of the health impacts of reducing driving in Oregon Metropolitan Areas (see: )
Qualifications:A strong candidate will have a graduate degree in Public Health, Epidemiology, Food Policy, Food Supply Chain Management or a related discipline, and experience in conducting participatory or collaborative, policy research. Strong skills in research, written and oral communications are essential. Background in HIAs and meeting facilitation is preferred.
Education Required:Graduate degree