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Seeking volunteers for Evaluation SubCommittee for Autism Society of Oregon

ASO Sub-Committee for Community Needs Assessment, Data Gathering and Evaluation.


We are currently recruiting participants around the state for this temporary sub-committee: it's a great way to gain hands-on BoD experience in a short time-frame, an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of everyone affected by Autism in Oregon and an excellent way to share your experience or expertise in program evaluation or non-profit management!



Meetings: July, August, September and October, with findings to be presented at October BoD/Annual Meeting. Skype/long-distance participation is viable. Communications via email and phone outside meetings as necessary.


Description of task:

The mission of ASO (as guided by national parent organization Autism Society), is to “To empower individuals with Autism, their families and their service providers to improve the quality of their lives through support and information.” ASO fulfills this mission through the following goals: to increase awareness of needs, interests, problems and solutions for people living with autism across a lifespan.


We need to develop goals that are specific to Oregon, in each program area? How are those goals determined? What do our stakeholders think of both the goals and what we do to meet them? Do they accurately reflect the broader needs of ASO's stakeholders: the AS community, families and associated professionals across the entire state of Oregon? Or are they narrower, focussed on meeting specific areas and providing referrals in case of other needs?

 The Sub-Committee will:

  • Determine stakeholders

  • Suggest priorities based on stakeholder input and mission guidelines

  • Establish evaluation criteria

  • Suggest data-gathering strategies to evaluate program activities

    Develop performance metrics for program evaluation

  • Suggest changes and implementation strategies for use by ED and Volunteer Sub-Committee

These findings will be presented in writing for use by ASO in preparation for the BoD/Annual Meeting in October 2010.

Please contact Jennifer Lindsay, Vice President ASO BoD at [email protected] for more information before July 24th.