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This week's InFARMation (and Beer!): Eaters' Rights

July's InFARMation (and Beer!): Eaters' Rights


After spending the winter and spring working on the *Agricultural Reclamation Act*for Oregon family farmers, we thought that we ought to give eaters a taste of this kind of empowerment! Join us this Wednesday July 14th at *Roots Organic Brewery* *’s* Event Space as we talk about what our Eaters Rights are and should be. What part should governmental policy and legislation play in what we are allowed to eat, and where should the line be drawn when it comes to food safety? What changes have you made in your life as a result of your food values, and what other changes do you think need to happen? How should we convey our demands to the folks who make the laws?


We want this event to be a very participatory conversation (that means YOU). Several of our community members who have thought a lot about this idea of Eaters' Rights have offered to start the conversation by talking about what it means to them, including the actions that they've taken in their own lives and what additional actions need to happen. Guest speakers include *Koorosh Zaerpoor,* who founded and runs *Kookoolan Farms*with his wife, providing humanely and healthily raised meat, eggs, produce, and raw milk to customers; *Susan Sokol Blosser* who along with her husband founded and ran *Sokol Blosser Vineyards and Winery*with a focus on sustainability, and who speaks to chefs and restaurateurs about the "Power of Eaters"; *Rosemarie Cordello*, president of the *Portland Farmers Market*Board of Directors and co-organizer of the *Multnomah Food Policy Council*; and *Chris Musser* of *Lost Arts Kitchen*, a back-to-basics DIY in the kitchen blogger and teacher.


Have you thought about this issue before? Perhaps you are a fan of the website *Sustainable Table*, or the Ethicurian? Have you thought about whether Oregon laws currently represent your food values?


The National Catholic Rural Life’s Conference came up with a great version of an Eaters' Bill of Rights. They have an entire section of their website on the Ethics of Eating, and have stated the following: *Eaters’ Bill of Rights*


Eaters have a right to food.


Eaters have a right to safe food.


Eaters have a right to nutritious food.


Eaters have a right to food with country of origin labels.


Eaters have a right to food with labels for genetic modification.


Eaters have a right to know whether food has been genetically modified.


Eaters have a right to food produced without harming air, water or land.


Eaters have a right to food produced under socially just circumstances.


Eaters have a right to know the conditions of their food production:


• Is the environment harmed? • Is the food safe? • Are the animals treated with dignity and respect? • Is the food produced on farms by family farmers? • Is the food produced by factories? • Are the farmers paid a just wage? • Do farm workers have safe and healthy working conditions? • Are production contracts fair or one-sided? • Are processing plant and warehouse workers paid just wages? • Are processing plant workers given reasonable work schedules? • Is the food produced locally or transported for thousands of miles? • Is the food system controlled by a few agribusiness cartels?


Eaters around the world have a right to a secure food system.


Eaters have a right to good food at a fair price.


Eating is a Moral Act.


So, do you agree? Do you have some additional ideas? We hope that you can join us - bring your friends and participate in the discussion. This month, more than ever, we are encouraging you to add your voice to the conversation. Whether you have spent lots of time thinking about this previously, or if this is the first time you’ve put your food values into words, this is a conversation that every eater should have, over and over. And every eater needs to stand up for our rights!


*InFARMation (and Beer!)* is an event hosted by *Friends of Family Farmers*as part of our *Eaters Campaign*, and is held every 2nd Wednesday of each month. The events are always free, and Roots gives us all a special price on pints of their organic brews. The event starts at 5:30 with networking and socializing, and the speakers and themed discussion run from 6:30-8pm. Additional unstructured discussion after the speakers is encouraged! For more information about InFARMation (and Beer!), *go here>>*.


Hope to see you there!


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