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Volunteers Needed for Sundown @ Ecotrust

Volunteers needed for a great concert series we are hosting at the Natural Capital Center (the Ecotrust Building). Fun volunteer duties for the Sundown at Ecotrust Outdoor Concert Series. We are looking for folks on for the next three Thursdays:


-July 15th (3PM- 6:30PM and 6:30PM-10PM) -July 22nd (3PM- 6:30PM and 6:30PM-10PM) -July 29th (3PM- 6:30PM and 6:30PM-10PM)


Volunteers will be helping with setting up and tearing down for the concert (does including carrying and setting up tables, chairs, and some tenting...most volunteers are needed to be able to lift about 40 lbs.), we also have volunteer rolls for working the bike valet, and as we are passionate about making this as landfill free event as possible...helping people sort recycling from compost. Volunteers do receive a tasty beverage ticket and food ticket for either Hot Lips or Laughing Planet. More on the concert series can be found here: http://www.ecotrust.org/sundown/


Please email me directly with your availability if you have interest in polishing up that resume with some fun volunteer work and helping us out!


Sydney Mead Natural Capital Center Programs Manager/Director of Events LEED AP Ecotrust 721 NW Ninth Avenue, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97209 www.ecotrust.org/events