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Ban the Bag Day of Action

We need your help!! Ban the Bag day of action is July 14th. Ban the Bag is a campaign to end single-use plastic bags.


1. Non-profit coalition groups are testifying in front of City Council in support of the ban on single-use plastic bags. We need your help with a show of numbers. 2. The RALLY - is at noon on City Hall steps. There will be music and Bag Monsters and the mayor has mentioned he will come! Come dance with us - get a free Ban the Bag t-shirt. 3. Pint Night. Who can resist beer and the Banning of Plastic Bags? Keen is hosting us for an evening of music, education, and beer. (Want to be extra green? Bring your own glass!)


You are invited to help us with all of these causes. San Francisco has banned plastic bags. Washington DC has banned plastic bags. Mexico City has banned plastic bags. We can do this too!!!


We are already getting some push back from the American Chemistry Council and the Oregonian (July 12th article: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/07/oregon_lawmakers_in_2011_may_b.html). Help us turn their opinions around!


Want to know more about this cause? Check out: http://www.banthebagspdx.com/ .


Or you can always email me! Tristan Fields [email protected] Coordinator Surfrider Foundation