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Portland Sustainability Institute Hosts District Scale Sustainable Development and Business Innovation Conference at Portland State University’s Smith Center October 26th, 2010




Portland, Oregon (July 14, 2010) – The Portland Sustainability Institute (PoSI) is pleased to announce the second annual EcoDistricts Summit, October 25-27 2010 at Portland State University.




The EcoDistricts Summit will bring together leading practitioners, businesses, and academics to explore neighborhood-scale solutions to make cities more sustainable. The Summit will explore leading local, national and international projects, opportunities for business development, and tools to enable EcoDistrict projects – from project finance to emerging technologies to policy to assessment. Participants will help create solutions, problem-solving among leading practitioners, companies and policy-makers.




As a living laboratory for sustainability initiatives, Portland has developed a strong reputation for being at the forefront of sustainable urban development. PoSI launched the EcoDistricts Initiative in partnership with the City of Portland and Portland State University in 2009 to promote district-scale sustainable development.




“The rationale for both the EcoDistricts Initiative and the Summit is to shine a light on neighborhood-scale innovation and to develop new generation strategies for the development of infrastructure and community action in an integrated fashion,” said Rob Bennett, Executive Director of PoSI. “Cites need to move from taking a siloed approach to green building development, resource conservation, growth management, and transportation and create integrated and place based strategies that bring people, buildings and infrastructure together.”




Planners, architects, engineers, developers, municipalities, businesses, pilot district stakeholders and engaged citizens are expected to attend.




The Summit will take place on October 26th, 2010 from 8:00am-5:00pm at Portland State University’s Smith Center located at 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon. An invite-only session on Monday afternoon, October 25th will explore the future of sustainability in cities. Morning trainings and tours on Wednesday, October 27th will follow the full day of the Summit. Tickets for the EcoDistricts Summit are $250.00 for full day admission, $200 for the public sector and non-profits and $100 for students (limit 20). Register online at http://www.ecodistrictssummit.com or call 503.226.2377.




About Portland Sustainability Institute (PoSI)




The Portland Sustainability Institute was founded in 2009 to systematically bring together business, higher education, nonprofit and municipal leaders to drive a set of next-generation initiatives for urban sustainability in the Portland metro region. PoSI works to implement big and game changing ideas that weave together community livability, ecological resiliency, and broad-based prosperity. The results will fuel business and policy innovation, enhance quality of life, and create cities and neighborhoods that are not just sustainable, but restorative.




About the EcoDistricts Initiative




The EcoDistricts Initiative is a path breaking strategy to accelerate district or neighborhood scale sustainable development. It aims to create more sustainable neighborhoods through catalytic projects at the intersection of buildings, infrastructure and people. The Portland Sustainability Institute launched the EcoDistricts Initiative in 2009, in partnership with the City of Portland, to drive next generation urban sustainability innovation that creates economic development and community prosperity.




Five Portland pilot districts (Lloyd District, Portland State University, Gateway, Lents and South Waterfront) will be testing the EcoDistricts approach to create centers of sustainable experimentation and innovation. They will also serve as learning opportunities and case studies for the City—and other municipalities worldwide—to maximize Portland’s efforts to achieve a greener + healthier metropolitan area.




For more information on the EcoDistricts Summit: http://www.ecodistrictssummit.com/ 




For more information on Portland Sustainability Institute: http://www.pdxinstitute.org/




Follow Portland Sustainability Institute on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PDXInstitute




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Ericka Dickey | 503.226.2377 | [email protected]